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After the Sucker Punch
Lorraine Devon Wilke. CreateSpace, $13.95 trade paper (340p) ISBN 978-1-4975-9630-6
When Tess, on the day of the funeral for her father, Leo, reads a portion of the journals he kept over the years, she discovers a devastating blow—he thought that she was an immeasurable disappointment. His hurtful words send Tess into a tailspin, framing the next year of her life. Returning to her home in California, Tess falls into depression—during which her seemingly solid relationship with her longtime boyfriend, David, falls apart. But out of this grief, Tess begins to piece herself back together. Though Wilke creates a realistic and profound journey of realization and forgiveness for her protagonist, the secondary characters are weak. They feel like caricatures, including Tess’s overly forgiving and charitable Aunt Joanne, who helps Tess frame her father’s words in new context; Haden Pierce, the late-coming love interest who is extremely understanding; and especially Leo, whose long and boring tirades fill far too much of the text. Despite these issues, this proves to be a solid novel that admirably explores the fragile, fraught relationship between parent and child. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 12/05/2014

Release date 05/01/2014