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Rising Tide: Sirens, Book 1
T.L. Zalecki. CreateSpace, $14.99 trade paper (406p) ISBN 978-1-5168-5914-6
Debut novelist Zalecki takes The Da Vinci Code to sea in this near-future thriller with historical roots. A mysterious Indian Ocean island guards two treasures: a rare marine algae crucial to fighting antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, and a lost race of aquatic people. Newly hired marine biologist Lorelei Phoenix juggles her job responsibilities—including handling a possessive boss and his executive partner—with her passion for conservation. Seeking a cure for her dying father, she ends up in the middle of a clash between the secretive islanders and the worldwide religious corporation PanDivinity, which wants to plunder the islanders’ genetic information. Zalecki maintains a fair amount of suspense while allowing secrets to unfold somewhat awkwardly via frequent flashbacks. Lorelei and her circle are rationalists who face evidence of an ecological disaster and yet do not surrender to despair, making them obvious heroes to readers of an environmentalist bent. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 01/08/2016

Release date 08/01/2015