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Match Fit
Amelie S. Duncan. Amelie S. Duncan, , $0.99 ASIN B01M000NJJ
Duncan (Tiger Lily) opens the Love and Play series with a scorching winner of a contemporary romance. Brooke, age 23, is determined to do without her affluent parents’ connections and make her own way as an actress in New York. She has the talent—it’s just a matter of getting the break. Enter Dylan, a new player for the New York City Football Club (which plays soccer, not American football). He’s also determined to make it in the acting world, but his reputation as a partying playboy is scaring Hollywood away. Brooke’s agent sets her up to be Dylan’s wholesome fake girlfriend to help rebuild his reputation, and soon they’re blurring the line between public and private personas. Dylan’s domineering and occasionally crass attitude initially comes across as abrasive, and Brooke’s girl-next-door charm is tarnished by her frequent lapses into insecurity. The highly charged erotic romance between the pair sparks hot and heavy, laden with instant attraction and sexy submission. There are several richly developed side characters whose stories may unfold in later books. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 06/16/2017