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An Unpresentable Glory
Ellie Gustafson. Ambassador International, $16.99 trade paper (365p) ISBN 978-1-62020-842-7
This uplifting but underdeveloped romance from Gustafson (Dynamo) overflows with faith and an admirable message of redemption. In Westchester, N.Y., Linda Jensen lives a peaceful life devoted almost entirely to tending to her garden. But after church one Sunday, she comes across an unfamiliar and gravely ill man near her house. Agreeing to his request that she not call 911 or the hospital, she instead takes the stranger into her home and nurses him back to health over the following week. After a reporter turns up at the house, Linda learns the man she knows as “Jay” is actually Lawrie Crofter, the Republican candidate for vice president. Their week together is idyllic and platonic as Lawrie recovers from his mysterious illness out of the public eye—but when their “affair” becomes national news, it threatens to destroy both of their lives. Though Christian grace is the foundation upon which the plot is built, the story suffers from lack of character development, particularly for Lawrie, whose motivations remain a mystery. Gustafson’s story of healing works best when it focuses on themes of faith, and it will appeal to inspirational romance fans who can look past weak characters and an implausible plot. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 03/01/2019

Release date 07/01/2018