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Specter (Circuit #1)
Lacey Dailey. Lacey Dailey, $0.99 e-book (286p) ASIN B07GC481JN
Dailey (Creating Chaos) kicks off her Circuit series with an emotionally rich romance that pairs an introverted computer whiz with a woman he helped to rescue. Wren Wilder spends his days working tech support, but by night, he is Specter, a member of a group of “hacktivists” known as Circuit, who “[take] down scumbags for fun” both online and off. When a package arrives at his door addressed to his alias, Wren is terrified that his identity has been compromised by his enemies. The package, however, is a thank-you gift from Sage Maddison, who was rescued from a drug dealing ring by Circuit after 18 months in captivity. Sage is struggling with her dark memories and guilt, but she is determined to thank her saviors. When she and Wren finally meet, a deep friendship blossoms that helps Sage begin to heal. Then Sage’s whereabouts are leaked to her kidnapper, and Sage refuses to hide behind Wren, instead taking on the drug dealers herself. Though some shifts in emotional tone can be jarring, there is a lot to enjoy in this thoughtful, moving series opener, which thoroughly develops its characters to create undeniable appeal. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 03/15/2019