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The Last Fairy Door (Fairies of Titania #1)
N.A. Davenport. N.A. Davenport, $9.99 paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-73385-956-1
Davenport’s fast-paced series starter revitalizes several fantastical tropes, bringing a strong addition to the fae genre. After 10-year-old Amaryllis Porter, known as Amy, relocates from Massachusetts to live with her Grandma Kerry and grapple with the grief and stress of her single father’s terminal illness, Amy discovers a boy fairy named Flax, and a fairy door in her grandmother’s barn. Amy is motivated to find a magical cure for her beloved musician father, but when she learns that the fairy folk are suffering from injustice and political revolution in their land of Titania—and that Flax’s own father is a jailed rebel—she decides to help them as much as she is able, despite her fear of the despotic Queen Orchid. Young fans of fairy stories will appreciate Davenport’s well-drawn settings and attention to detail, including Amy’s metal allergy, her ease in passing through fairy doors, the mysterious disappearance of her mother years prior, and the beguiling opal pendant she left for Amy. Readers will enjoy the energetic adventure as Amy and Flax discover truths about themselves that will shape their identities, their choices and their blossoming friendship. Ages 8–12. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 01/08/2021

Release date 05/01/2020