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Text Me on Tuesday
Whitney Dineen and Melanie Summers. 33 Partners, $14.95 trade paper (300p) ASIN B08WKKM3NN
The heat mostly stays in the kitchen in the fun but uneven first Accidentally in Love rom-com from Dineen (the Creek Water series) and Summers (the Crown Jewels series). Struggling chef Aimée Tompkins arrives at a much-needed corporate catering gig only to discover that one of the bigwig clients is allergic to her perfume. Luckily, there’s a shower on premises. Unluckily, the whole mishap culminates in her crashing into wealthy architect Noel Fitzwilliam in her birthday suit, leaving them both mortified, awkwardly turned on, and deeply irritated with each other. It’s a promising start with a lot of laughs, but the couple’s initial chemistry isn’t allowed the room it needs to grow. When Noel’s scene-stealing assistant, Byron, mistakenly gives Aimée Noel’s cell phone number, she thinks she’s texting Byron her frustrations about Noel’s rigid personality. Noel plays along, getting a kick out of hearing her unfiltered feelings—but the joke’s on him when they fall for each other and he needs to come clean about his deception. The resulting conflict drags on, leaving little space for the actual relationship; it’s all foreplay and fighting, with little heart. The witty dialogue will be enough to win over some readers, but many will hope for more depth in future installments. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 06/11/2021