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A Light on Altered Land
Becky Bohan. NanBec, $3.99 e-book (330p) ASIN B083TG71JN
Bohan (Fertile Betrayal) delivers a thoughtful take on two women as they confront aging, family, and their burgeoning love for each other after meeting at a Minneapolis coffee shop. Kathryn Kepler, a 68-year-old psychotherapist, is recently divorced after her husband left her for a younger woman. She strikes up a conversation with teacher Ellie Belmont, a 65-year-old widow grieving the loss of her wife, Mary, whom she nursed through her breast cancer. The women visit each other often and bond over their interest in holistic medicine as well as their solitary status. When Kathryn questions her attraction to the charismatic Ellie, her friend Judith encourages her: “It’s tenderness and it’s an expression of your love. You’re falling in love, Kathryn.” Ellie invites Kathryn on a road trip to California to see Mary’s niece, Trish, and their friendship deepens, culminating in a romantic interlude that Ellie likens to Carol in Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt. As Kathryn confronts her obstinate daughter, Jenn, and Ellie advocates for medicinal cannabis and lesbian culture, Bohan treats issues of ageing, illness, spirituality, and family with maturity and integrity. Readers will be moved by this story of romance and second chances. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 12/03/2021