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Trick or Treat: The Story of the Switch Witch and How She Came to Be
Antoinette Corley-Newman, illus. by Noor Alshalabi. Summit Street, $24.99 (54p) ISBN 978-1-63877-585-0
The witch and warlock youth of Transylvania look forward each year to October 31, when they join the “mortals” for Harvest celebrations. Young Abigail, a light-brown-skinned witch, wishes she could longer enjoy the humans’ holiday sweet treats. Surveilling children year-round via her mother’s brew, Abigail gets an idea: this year, she’ll offer the mortals a trick in return for their treats, which successfully garners her enough sweets to throw a whole immortal party. But when those treats, too, prove insufficient, she makes a deal with mortal adults to swap their children’s sweets for “a special present.” Jewel-toned, ethereal art by Alshalabi displays the coveted treats to enticing effect in an extended trick-or-treat origin story that offers a pragmatic approach to handling excess candy. Ages 4–7. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 08/19/2022

Release date 09/01/2021