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Paper Roses on Stony Mountain
Diana Stevan. Island House, $17.95 e-book (358p) ISBN 978-1-988180-09-0
Stevan wraps up the Lukia’s Family Saga trilogy (after Lilacs in the Dust Bowl) with an impressive story of a Ukrainian family’s fortitude and trials in Canada. In 1929 widow Lukia Mazurec leaves Ukraine for Manitoba with her adult children. As Hitler captures Austria, Lukia, who has a brother in the Carpathians, fears the impact of yet another war while trying to keep their farm afloat on the other side of the planet. Lukia’s oldest, Egnat, works the land to provide for his wife and young daughters, though he fights frequently with his brother, Mike, who spends more time drinking than working. Lukia’s daughter, Dolly, has fallen in love with Peter Klewchuk, whom Lukia disapproves of because he has few prospects. Still, Dolly and Peter marry and attempt to build their own house, but the ground freezes before they can finish digging and they move to Winnipeg to find work. Though Lukia feels abandoned when all her children except Mike leave, she continues farming despite her loneliness, finally deciding to move in with Dolly and Peter to help care for their young child. Stevan’s strong characters are the standouts here, with their resilience in the face of ceaseless hardships. Historical fiction fans will want to have a look. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 03/03/2023

Release date 10/01/2022