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Breakdown: A Therapist’s Journey of Losing It and Finding It
Ali Psiuk. Ali Psiuk, $9.99 e-book (245p) ASIN B0921DT24S
Performing artist turned psychotherapist Psiuk recounts her colorful career and the difficult road that led to it in this powerful memoir. Growing up in the world of competitive gymnastics, Psiuk sustained early psychic wounds from an environment that regarded women’s bodies as “machines to be manipulated according to the standards of others.” At 16, after developing anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, she quit gymnastics and dropped out of high school to work in the entertainment industry. Despite forging a career that took her to the circus, on cruises, and within spitting distance of Broadway, Psiuk remained unfulfilled, eventually suffering a psychotic break. After a stint in the psych ward, she became a licensed psychotherapist. Candid and compassionate, Psiuk elegantly sheds light on her own struggles and encourages readers to come to peace with their demons and promote a culture of healing in the process. Anyone who has struggled with mental illness will find wisdom and comfort here. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 03/10/2023