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1 2 3 Count with Me on Granddad’s Farm
Valerie D. Johnson, illus. by Cee Biscoe. West Oak Lane Kids, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 979-8-986-30781-7
A child narrator takes readers along on a numerically based exploration of their grandfather’s farm in this interactive title that counts from one to 10. Focusing each spread on a number, Johnson establishes a subject (“SEVEN cows provide milk”) and invites readers to tot them up (“How many do you see?”), before delving into information around each subject’s traits and care (“The cows like to crunch on grass and oats. We feed them pears as a special snack”). Counted entities include the Black-cued family’s members as well as animals and harvested produce, while supporting paragraphs detail the protagonist’s experiences with their grandfather, who “makes my favorite homemade ice cream” and takes the child on a tractor ride. As Biscoe’s softly rendered images of animal pens and garden beds lead to a big family feast, the text underlines Granddad’s descriptions of family traditions, making for a fond look at agricultural rhythms and intergenerational knowledge handed down. Back matter includes conversation starters and an author’s note. Ages 2–6. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 05/19/2023

Release date 08/01/2022