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Debunked (Terravenum Chronicles #1)
Dito Abbott. Maxing Out Media, $14.99 paper (434p) ISBN 978-1-958072-04-2
Teenage twins embark on a dimension-traversing adventure to find their missing grandfather in this inventive read by Abbott. British 15-year-old twins Ozzie and Alex Forsythe are used to their explorer grandfather, Sir Quidby Forsythe III, disappearing for long stretches of time. By collecting newspaper articles and archiving Sir Quidby’s sporadic letters from far-flung locales, Ozzie and Alex keep tabs on him while he’s away. When a missive arrives claiming that Sir Quidby has died, the siblings are forced to confront complicated truths surrounding their grandfather’s adventures. After assassins raid Sir Quidby’s funeral, the twins flee from their decommissioned lighthouse home aboard an airship captained by a lizard-like creature named Layla. She believes that their grandfather is alive and likely in the Terravenum, a separate dimension that used to be connected to Earth before war split them apart. Hoping to find Sir Quidby, the siblings embark on an interdimensional quest that lands them in the middle of an interspecies war. This fast-paced, bighearted ode to family bonds and the joys of travel and discovery teems with humor as well as scientific and archaeological hijinks. Human characters read as white. Ages 12–up. (Self-published)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 07/28/2023

Release date 04/01/2022