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February 1, 2018


The BookLife Services Directory is a destination for BookLife’s thousands of members to find the services they need to begin or continue their publishing journey.  BookLife members can find service providers who can help them no matter what step of the publishing process they’re in, from manuscript help to publishing and marketing help.  The BookLife Services Directory lists service providers in all of the following categories.

  • Editing
  • Art & Design
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Promotion & PR
  • Agent
  • Publishing
  • Business


You can create your FREE listing in the BookLife Services Directory by going to and clicking “Register” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  After filling out your basic information to create your account, you’ll reach the initial member landing page. From here, you’ll see the option for “Add/Edit Services,” where you can create your Services Profile. Once you submit your Services Profile, your listing will automatically appear in the BookLife Services Directory, listed in each category you indicated in your Services Profile.  You can edit your Services Profile by clicking “Edit/Update your services” on the member dashboard which is accessible on the right hand side from any page on BookLife once you’re logged in.  This is also where existing BookLife members can create their Services Profile.


Your listing will include you/your business’ name, contact information, description, location and headshot/logo.  By indicating the applicable categories for services you provide, your listing will automatically appear in each indicated category(ies)’s Alphabetical and By Endorsements listings in the BookLife Services Directory immediately upon its creation.


There are two different ways to make your listing stand out from the other listings within a given category or categories:

  1. Enhanced Listing: An Enhanced Listing will highlight your company within the Alphabetical and By Endorsements listings for each category you choose, grabbing the eye of anybody browsing the listings, and helping you stand out from the crowd.  Cost: $5 per month.  Enhancing your listing in two or more categories costs just $3 per category, per month.
  2. Featured Listing: The landing page for each Services Directory automatically defaults to first show Featured companies.  Listing yourself/your company with a Featured Listing will help you immediately get noticed.  Featured Listings are automatically seen as Enhanced Listings within the Alphabetical and By Endorsements sections for each category. Cost: $25 per month for a single category; Featured Listings in two categories is just $20 per category, per month; Featured Listings in three or more categories is just $15 per category, per month.  Featured ads appear in the order they are placed.

Learn More about the Featured and Enhanced Listings in the Frequently Asked Questions.  And for complete Featured and Enhanced Listing payment terms and conditions, click here.