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July 17, 2020
Our monthly look at some of the best first lines by BookLife authors

This month, we’ve got a Middle Ages romantic saga, a period detective story, and more. To submit a first line, email


Cockloft: Scenes from a Gay Marriage

Kyle Thomas Smith

“Some guys just shouldn’t have a cockloft.”


Freydis (Daughters of Freya, Book 1)

Gunhild Haugnes

“A gaunt woman stands alone on a rocky outcrop.”


The Hidden Hand of Death

Lawrence J. Epstein

“I was waiting patiently for it all to go dark.”


Life Is Big

Kiki Denis

“I am Alma-Jane, and I am genetically happier than the average person.”


The Scoundrel’s New Con

Catherine Stein

“I’m quite looking forward to the postmortal state, myself.”


A New Flame (SEAL Team Six: No More #13)

Max Kent and Dan Wickline

“Flame stared down into the deep abyss and felt it pulling at him.”