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March 26, 2018
A look at some of the best opening lines from titles by BookLife authors.

This month, we’ve got unfair death, the evils of Google, and flimsy paper dolls. To submit a first line, email

Psycho-Tropics by Dorian Box

“It wasn’t fair that Albert Thumpet had to die just because he was the most boring member of the Seminole High School Class of 1975.”

The Truth Is out There by Brannon Hollingsworth

“Google will get you killed. Take it from me.”

OuterSphere by Quoleena Sbrocca

“Putrid: It is the only word which suits what I smell and what I see.”

Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines by Charlotte Bennardo

“If he didn’t run faster, he’d be eaten.”

The Light over Broken Tide by Holly Ducarte

“We’re all like paper dolls. Happiest when linked to another, often unaware of our flimsiness. So easily torn.”

Fight to the Edge of Earth Tonight by Michael Angliss

“Peace is a vast minority in space.”