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Business / Personal Finance

  • Idea: Crypto Profit's goal is to convince the disbeliever of the merits of cryptocurrencies and get them investing by providing a history of the current economic model and where it's headed. Bryant does an admirable job in his examination of the current economic model, but may leave readers wishing for an equally detailed dissection of cryptocurrency.

    Prose/Style: Accessible language attempts to ease the reader into the rather daunting world of economics, but the natural complexity of the subject may prove difficult to digest for the casual reader.

    Originality: While the book is well-written and planned, readers may struggle to pick it against the numerous other guides on cryptocurrency investment.

    Character Development/Execution: Bryant executes his work with confidence and a sense of narrative. However, a lack of in-text citations and sources and reliance on outside links may create stumbling points for readers.

  • Idea: The author's in-depth analysis of survival in both life and in finance is extremely thorough, and often fascinating. The author draws from the fields of economics, history, philosophy, and biology, to examine how wealth shapes and drives our species. 

    Prose: The author presents detailed technical information in a clear, methodical manner that allows for complex concepts and theories to be readily understood. The work is somewhat lacking in narrative warmth, however. The book's many intriguing dimensions may be enhanced through a more distinctive, guiding voice. 

    Originality: Criniti's vision is ambitious, thought-provoking, and broadly researched. The philosophical approach to the topic of finance and the underpinnings of wealth, are deeply intriguing.

    Execution: This work is dense in terms of content, but Criniti breaks concepts down into digestible portions. While the work will likely find a niche audience, the multidisciplinary approach to the topic may broaden its appeal.