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Writing Coach

Editing, Publishing

Las vegas,NV,89144
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  1. Published, Award-Winning Author
  2. Managing Publisher/Editor, Evolved Publishing LLC
  3. Editor of Over 100 Published Books
  4. Writing Coach/Mentor of Several Happy Authors

So you have an idea for a novel, and you’ve studied the art and craft of writing a little, and you’ve completed several chapters — maybe even the entire manuscript — but you know there’s still something missing. Maybe you need an objective, trained pair of eyes to help you see where you’ve gone off-track with the plot. Perhaps you need someone with a fresh perspective to help you flesh out your characters. Or, could it be that you just need help with your grammar, and with ramping up the power and efficacy of your prose?

That’s why I’m here. I can help you in a few ways. First, if you’re truly in the early developmental stages, and what you really need is some basic training — a short online writing class, as it were — so you can do some self-editing and revising before your project is ready for a serious edit, I can custom-tailor training to your specific needs. Second, if you’re beyond that point, but still need direction to guide your manuscript revisions and polishing, I can help you streamline your focus to move the project closer to completion. Third, if what you need is essential mentoring as you move your writing career forward, helping you through the many obstacles you encounter, from crafting a great plot and characters, to developing a social media presence, to formatting and uploading your files as a self-publisher, I can help you with each step in the process, including pointing you to the proper resources. I charge $75 per hour for writing coach services, which are done via email and via Skype, when we need to talk.