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Glass Spider Publishing

Editing, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Promotion & PR, Publishing

Glass Spider Publishing was founded by a small group of professional writers and editors with a passion for storytelling and a desire to share the secrets of our success with others. We provide an affordable and personable alternative to traditional self-publication routes, saving you time and money, and offering you the opportunity to place your book in front of a wide audience.

Unlike vanity publishers, we take great pride in ensuring that every book we bring to market is well polished and representative of the high standards of our imprint. This applies to writing quality and professional presentation. To that end, we offer in-depth editorial assistance that will refine your manuscript and vastly improve its readability. In addition, our art graphics team can create a compelling cover design that will give your book a highly professional appearance. We also offer marketing and publicity services that can bring added visibility to your book. To learn more, visit