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Jerry Zezima
"Every Day Is Saturday: Sleeping Late, Playing With the Grandchildren, Surviving the Quarantine, and Other Joys of Retirement"
Jerry Zezima, author

"Every Day Is Saturday" is a funny look at life after work, a cheerful guide to making it through a lockdown, and -- best of all -- an enduring love story.

Zezima's (Nini and Poppie’s Excellent Adventures: Grandkids, Wine Clubs, and Other Ways to Keep Having Fun) latest anecdotes about life in retirement pack colossal humor into bite-sized stories, revealing a man unfalteringly devoted to his wife and family. Zezima's long career, as a syndicated humor columnist specializing in droll observations about everyday life, gives him a unique perspective from which to expound on the different ways that retirement has changed him. He recounts interactions with his beloved grandchildren, home improvement projects, and an ever-changing dynamic with his wife, Sue. Each chapter compiles several short anecdotes or observations, with titles like “How to Bathe a Baby” and “Love at the Landfill.”

Zezima's nonstop puns and self-deprecating tone are balanced by his warmth and humanity. His grandchildren own a large part of the stage, and his witty recounting of their adorable antics brims with the loving devotion of retired grandparents. His natural penchant for hamming it up while storytelling is evident when he breathes life into mundane topics like needing a new fridge or applying for Social Security. The chapter of interviews about retirement with friends and former colleagues is surprisingly introspective and informative, highlighting Zezima’s reporter's instinct and knack for comedy.

Zezima deflects darker emotions with satire and deliberately keeps the tone light, even when discussing things like the coronavirus and its effect on his marriage. Gratitude for life is palpable on every page. Zezima’s childlike curiosity about the world around him, particularly the histories of people he meets, forms the basis of entertaining quips and reminiscences (“I am proud, happy, and really fatigued to say that I took a six-hour safe driving course sponsored by AARP”). Zezima has seriously elevated his shtick in this hilarious and heartwarming chronicle of grandparents gone wild.

Takeaway: Readers will chuckle at Zezima's propensity for puns and appreciate his outpouring of genuine warmth and love for family.

Great for fans of: Graham Harrop's Living Together After Retirement, Clive Whichelow's Retirement For Beginners.

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