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Sylvia Black
Achieving the Dream of Homeownership Early in Your Life - A Step by Step Guide to Buying a House
Sylvia Black, author

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

This book will guide you step-by-step from deciding if homeownership is right for you until you get the keys and move into your new home and the steps in between. I also include Section 8 Homeownership. If you want details about purchasing a home with your section 8 Homeownership Voucher, please purchase “Affordable Homes and Apartments Presents Buy a Home With Your Section 8 Homeownership Voucher” If you want more information about grants, subsidy grants, down payment and closing cost assistance, homebuyer education and counseling, please purchase my book “Free Money for Homebuyers Owning a home of your own is a wonderful experience. I’m sure most people would like to own a home of their own but are too afraid there is going to be a tremendous amount of money that is needed. Some are afraid of the responsibility of homeownership. There is down payment and closing cost assistance available. Down payment could be as low as 3%, and some other fees can be payable at closing. That gives you at least two months from the time you sign the contract until you must come up with the rest of the money. And there’s help that can lower your 3%. There’s free housing counseling, homebuying education courses, individual and group sessions available to you.