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Laura Petrisin
Author, Illustrator
Acorn and Button

Middle Grade; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

When a pretentious button meets an unassuming acorn in the big woods, their friendship is off to a rocky start. However, they soon learn to rely on each other. Button teaches Acorn some etiquette, and without even knowing it, Acorn shows Button how to loosen up a little. The unlikely duo embark on all kinds of adventures, from facing down bullies to escaping ferocious beasts. Both Acorn and Button demonstrate courage, loyalty, and kindness throughout each challenge and soon become the best of friends.

ACORN AND BUTTON is a wonderful story of two characters with opposite personalities building a strong friendship bond through adventure, daring feats, and various obstacles (like ferocious beasts!) Lessons of courage, loyalty, kindness are throughout and are sure to be enjoyed by children and parents alike. Author/illustrator Laura Petrisin's beautiful illustrations bring this odd couple to life! Her use of mixed media (alcohol ink and digital media) deliver bold colors with a warm traditional feel. This book is set to be a household favorite. - Sarah Elliot

Acorn and Button Is Now In Libraries!

Acorn and Button has made its way into the Macon County library system of Franklin, N.C., and the Ulysses library system of  Trumansburg, N.Y.