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Diana Shafran
Alice in Liars Land
Hello, My name is Diana Shafran, I am a fantasy, young adult author. I live in Ukraine. I have spent a few nights in the bomb shelter. I never thought I could sleep on the floor with the lights on and people talking. There was electricity in the bomb shelter, and you could charge your phone and make hot tea. I spent one week in Kyiv, but the explosions didn't stop. That is why I went to my relatives in the village. There's electricity and the Internet. In general, the village is calm. But sometimes you can hear the planes flying by. I read the news every day and I want peace. In March should be the Release Day of my book Alice in Liars Land, but I canceled it because of the war. I hope the book will be released in May. A translator and a professional editor worked on the book. I prepared the marketing strategy for 2.5 years. Genre: fantasy, young adult, dark academy, dangerous quest, psychological thriller. Summary: Alice wanted to study at Welkin – the Spherical Magic Academy to create magic objects. Her dream is coming true. She takes the place of a missing girl, lives in her room, studies according to her schedule, and takes part in an exciting game. Here she meets her rivals. Mysterious, unpredictable and dangerous. They are all lying. Who’s hiding behind the masks of humans? Friends? Enemies? Monsters? Alice doesn't know. The answer is in the game. What started as an interesting adventure turns into a struggle for survival. Each round is a dangerous test, a challenge to test human capabilities. Alice gets control of the cards, and has to solve the secret hidden in them, and not let her opponents take them away – but they will use all methods available to them. When playing, it’s important to remember that the monster is already in the academy. Everyone will meet the monster, even if the monster lives inside. You can find out more here: My site: Facebook: