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Peter Woodruff
Alpha and Omega: Awakening

Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The Alpha and Omega series tells the story of Xavier and Melissa. Cast adrift between our world and the world of myth and legend. On the day they celebrate their anniversary, the curtain rises, the veil cracks and the couple finds themselves caught between heaven and hell and the eternal war of good vs. evil. They, along with a cast of characters, fight for survival in a world where demons now roam free and hunt what remains of humanity. But in this bleak apocalyptic epic, a glimmer of hope remains. The world has not yet been abandoned; In all the omniscient wisdom, God has foreseen this calamity and sent out his angels; one such angel, Marius, has come with a secret and a key. A key to awakening the hidden army that has been hidden away in plain sight for generations. Xavier and his friends must now fight for their survival. As the demons scour the earth, searching for hidden secrets that have laid dormant sense, God uttered the words, "Let there be light!"