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Anxiety Rx

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Anxiety Rx shows you exactly what anxiety is and how you can stop it from running your life. Written by Dr Russell Kennedy, aka "The Anxiety MD", a physician and neuroscientist that suffered from anxiety himself for many years, Anxiety Rx takes the reader on a healing journey that combines hard neuroscience and soft spirit—illuminating a never-seen-before path to leaving anxiety behind for good. Dr Kennedy is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and was a stand up comedian for many years, so he makes sure the book is both entertaining and informative.  This book provides a distinct path to progressively moving past anxiety, and does so in a storytelling style that engages the reader to become a self-healer. 

"Anxiety Rx is unlike any book on anxiety and a must-read for anyone who suffers from chronic worry" - Dr Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist


Dr Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist

Full of truth and humor, Anxiety Rx takes the reader on a healing journey, with a deep dive into Dr Kennedy's own personal recovery from decades of chronic anxiety. This deeply insightful and ultimately practical book gives the reader a new and natural prescription to healing, using an approach Dr Kennedy has used in himself and countless patients. Russ specifically addresses what many therapies miss: the fundamental role of old unresolved trauma stored in the body as the cause of the anxieties of the mind. Creating that awareness, using strategies effective for both allows the mind and body to reconnect and resolve the mind-body disconnect that fuels and sustains anxiety. The insights and simple practices in this book will put you on the path to self-healing and keep you there. The Anxiety Rx is unlike any book and anxiety and a must-read for anyone who suffers with chronic worry.
Nicole LePera, PhD
     - The Holistic Psychologist.

Ginger Henderson, Master Therapeutic Counsellor

The vulnerability matched with the depth in which Russell opens up about his life experiences, and battles with anxiety, leads the reader to feel safe to explore their own struggles while gaining invaluable knowledge. The personal approach Russ takes allowed me to feel I was getting to know him as a doctor and as a very real person, with a history that is like so many others. Trauma and anxiety can hit anyone at anytime of their life, they do not discriminate. Anxiety Rx provides a unique and novel approach to an ever increasing problem. This book and the knowledge and understanding gained is for everyone. 

Ginger Henderson RTC/MTC
Master Therapeutic counsellor

Jenny Draper, Physician

It's rare I come across a non-fiction book that makes me laugh and cry, and the crying feels good! Thank you for having the tenacity to complete your life’s work & the courage to bare your soul in print. You have translated your life experience into learnings that will benefit all of us, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Not only have your words and insight benefitted me as your friend & colleague, but now anyone who reads this can really take the messages easily as practical steps, and your generous nature means it will only cost them under 30 dollars, a box of tissues & a few afternoons glued to an armchair.

Dr Jenny Draper

Kim Harrison, MA, RCC

Advocating for a more integrated mind-body approach to mental health, Dr. Kennedy offers a framework for understanding anxiety in a revolutionary way. The Anxiety RX combines developmental science, attachment research and somatic principles, to create a masterpiece that is trauma-informed, infused with personal story, and accented with comedic overtones. I had the sense I was following a trusted guide from start to finish. A must-read for clinicians and everyday overthinkers alike!

Kim Fraser Harrison

Michael Mulvey, Psychiatrist

“One of the most integrated and holistic formulations of anxiety available, Anxiety Rx allows the reader to peer into the complex interplay of mind and body, and learn effective techniques to become consciously aware, connected and free. Dr. Kennedy's personal journey of trauma, emotional pain, self-discovery and triumph is a beacon of hope for anyone entrapped by anxiety. By the way, this doctor and neuroscientist is also a comedian, so get ready to burst out laughing while mastering your worries.”


Michael Mulvey, BSc, MD, FRCPC

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada
Staff Psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry at St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Clinical Instructor in the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine
Specialist in mood disorders and anxiety disorders