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Charles Dunn
Claire vs The Flying Saucers
Charles Dunn, author
Claire's life on the farm didn't change much when the Martians conquered Earth, But when they kidnapped her favorite cow, the Martians went too far. Nothing will stop Claire from getting her pet back. She tries the police, the Mayor, even the Dairy Council, but they're powerless. Begging and threatening the Martians are no good. Battering rams, flame throwers, dynamite... Not for sale to the average 3rd Grader. Brokenhearted, he vows to make the Martians as miserable as she is. Claire leaves them a mountain of sodas, their favorite treat, shaken nearly to bursting. To her surprise, the fizzy explosion disables the Martians and their ship. The rest of the world follows suit, and the invaders are defeated. Earth has its freedom again and, more importantly, Claire has her cow back.