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Crossroads - The Discovery Journal: Reflecting and Reaching Out
Gloria Berry, author
Although CROSSROADS - The Discovery Journal: Reflecting and Reaching Out targets teens and young adults, this combination book and journal will also have an impact on those beyond this stage. It's a fact--everyone faces situations in which one cannot arrive at solutions alone. As a self-help guide, CROSSROADS aims to enhance one's decision-making skills using reflection strategies as well as networking techniques.
Amazon Customer

Excellent book/journal!   I would recommend it to all teens, young adults, and those beyond.   Also, a great resource for teachers and college/university professors.

Amazon Customer

Great resource for young adults!  This book provides an organized approach to making decisions and setting goals.

Editorial Copyediting Staff

Crossroads will, no doubt, be a valuable resource for its targeted readership.

Faculty Member - Hartford Public Schools

I've read your book and was able to utilize it in my thought process regarding an idea I envisioned.  Your book enabled me to think through the idea weighing both pros and cons.


Crossroads is very helpful and full of amazing advice.    One can tell that the author is knowledgeable and speaks from a place of experience.    I highly recommend it to anyone looking for guidance in the form of an easy to understand and retain book.