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DELTA: The Women
DELTA: The Women is the second in a series of books by Carol Crowson DeVille (The Delta Series) that explores the post-war period 1919-1927 through the eyes of a young Cajun reporter, Teophile Landry, and other Louisiana/Mississippi characters, some of whom are authentic historical figures and some of whom are fictional. In DELTA: The Women, Teo is assigned to follow women from Louisiana through the summer of 1920 as they fight for (and against) ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment which gave women the right to vote. They fight valiantly in the state legislatures of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee, as well as putting in an appearance at the 1920 Democratic Convention in San Francisco. It was a struggle fraught with racial tension and dramatic legislative votes. DELTA: The Women explores the personal motivations of women and men who fought for and against ratification of the amendment.