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Destiny Rejected
Torn between her duty to uphold a thousand year old prophecy and her desire to not be bored out of her mind, Kit Mallory (or Mallory Kit) has decided to give up her life as a Princess/politician’s daughter in favor of traveling the stars in a rusty old ship that still contains its legally dead captain. Aside from bad food, cold showers, and hard beds, she is enjoying her life as a runaway. Unfortunately, her former bodyguard, and the embodiment of her lingering teenage crush, is hunting her down to return her to her home planet(s) to be married. Her sleeping beauty ship's captain awakens just in time to save her, but after several more attacks from unwelcome bounty hunters, Kit is forced to surrender to save her shipmates. After Kit escapes from the dreaded grips of an arranged marriage again, she thinks she can go back to her happy little life, but it is a rude awakening when she finds out that her father's government is no longer interested in preserving her most valued DNA, but rather destroying it. With half the galaxy after her head, the other half after her eggs, and two men competing for her heart, Kit is sure to find trouble where ever she goes.