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Anand Ahuja
Author, Editor (anthology)
Dusty Memories... Unfinished
Anand Ahuja, author
Discover, feel and believe in the raw power of unrequited love. To fall in love—body, mind and soul! Ah, every person's dream! And for it to be unreciprocated—every lover's biggest nightmare… or so they believe! But that's not always true—there is another perspective, that of unrequited love! Unrequited—yes, but unfulfilling—definitely not. It surpasses the deepest of emotions, for there’s no expectation, so no hurt. And when you have nothing to lose, you give it your all. These love poems take you on a journey of love, romance, desires and nostalgia. Written from the point of view of a male, interestingly, the book captures the passion, and reflects how love transforms. How being bitter is a choice, and how memories can offer joy. So whether you're in love, have been in love or forsaken in love, there's a bite for everyone. So grab your drink of choice, your favorite blanket, curl up in that chair you love, and let these words bring comfort. Get lost in the sense of understanding that we’re all humans experiencing very similar situations while enjoying the crisp, honest tone the author employs as he effortlessly seams together the truth and emotion of love.