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Episodes and Vignettes; an Autobiography

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

David Richard Beasley, author of Sarah's Journey and many other books, wrote a two- volume autobiography. Vol 1 concerns his growing up in Hamilton, Ontario before and during World War II. David Beasley tells of his pioneer ancestry, family difficulties and early schooling with refreshing candor. His years in England, France, Spain (Ibiza), Italy and Austria make for fascinating reading as he develops his knowledge and writing skill. His friendships with artists, writers, bohemians, businessmen and actors affect him and his thinking as well as his reading and the cultural activities of London, Paris and Vienna. In Vienna he meets his true love, Viola, an Anglo-Burmese lady, and eventually, he joins her in Manhattan. Their exchange of letters during their separation reveals the strength of their love. Vol 2 of David Richard Beasley’s Autobiography begins with his studies in librarianship, and continues with his work at the New York Public Research Libraries, his friendships with writers and artists, his union organizing and involvement in social causes. The inspirations and sources for David’s many books are brought to light in this engaging narrative which other struggling writers may find instructive.