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Jina Bazzar
From Fame to Ruin
When Eduardo Montenegro loses his wife to murder, he takes his revenge on the family business. It takes Amelia Montenegro years to discover her son’s vendetta. Her solution: launch a massive lawsuit and enlist the help of Senator Armando, a crooked politician, promising to bind the Montenegro name to the Armando’s in exchange for his bribe to the judge. Carol wants nothing from her family, not their name, money, the business, or the marriage her grandmother arranged to Sergio Armando. When her flight home is canceled, she accepts a road trip with Ricardo Santos (vocalist of rock band), who’s just won a trial with his mentally ill ex-girlfriend, Bethany. Carol expects a quiet dinner and a few days off from her attorney’s badgering, but instead spends a romantic weekend in paradise. Determined to get rid of the engagement, and because she never considered Sergio anything but a nuance, she’s surprised to find him waiting at the airport in Brazil. With Carol’s betrayal heavy in his soul, and overdose of his best friend, Ricardo settles down in his father’s hardware store, setting his singing days in the past. Meanwhile, Carol’s broken engagement results in the loss of everything but the twins she carries. Life takes another turn when her son, now three, is kidnapped by Bethany, who has been nurturing her grudge for years. Lacking the money, Carol turns to Ricardo. Factoring in the way they’d parted, Carol puts her home, firm, and trust fund, as collateral against the loan. Seeing each other and interacting again awakens dormant feelings, and despite their struggle not to, Carol and Ricardo find themselves drawn to each other. Their renewed romance enrages Bethany, who wanted nothing but to cause them pain. She ambushes Carol and uses her to draw Ricardo out, where she tries to kill both. The scuffle ends when a detective Ricardo hired to investigate the kidnapping arrives at the scene and restrains Bethany. The book ends in the resort where they fell in love, this time with them engaged.