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JK Kelly
JK Kelly, author
Imagine a life where one day someone’s pulling a gun. Perhaps you’re at a big race, covered in fuel. A few days later, you’re fast asleep somewhere over the Pacific headed for a meeting next to a reindeer farm in New Zealand. Then there’s the night we were literally playing with fire. Buckle up for an action-packed, emotion-filled ride through the exciting, dangerous world of motorsports. Experience the battle that took place between a David, VP Racing Fuels, and the Goliaths in the very flammable world of racing fuel. Learn a few lessons taken from the Art of War. Find yourself a stranger in many strange lands. Read about interesting people and sticky situations at the track, in the office, or at home. Feel those lonely moments where seeming to have it all meant nothing. Thrill rides, like life, can be exhilarating but can scare the pants off you too. A life in a fast-paced world, at least this one, did a bit of both. Experience the emotions of watching your dreams die, the shouts of joy in victory lane at Daytona, children wanting their dad, and high-fiving after you stuck it to the competition. In Fuelin’ Around, dreams do come true but often at great cost.
Motorsports Editor

"Couldn't put it down."