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Nicole Plumridge
Healing House
After the death of Sophie's fiancé, she finds that living her old life is impossible. She decides to leave the comfort of her home in London to live in a cottage along the haunting cliffs of Dover. However, shortly after her arrival, Sophie finds that she has become intertwined in a dark mystery centering around the sinister past of the house she has just moved into. In order to solve the mystery surrounding her house, Sophie has to go on a journey through time. With the help of the previous owner, a 98 year old hermit, she learns more about the lives of the mysterious gypsy family that lived on this plot of land over a century ago. The Woodlocks were the head family in a band of traveling gypsies. When they settled in Dover, they were shunned by society and forced to live on the outskirts, along the ragged cliff edge. One stormy night, two of the Woodlock children mysteriously die. Was it an accident? Or was it calculated murder? Sophie must find the answers to these questions, which have intertwined with her own life. In order to salvage her sanity and finally begin to heal, she has to find out what happened to those children many years ago. During her quest for answers, Sophie meets a philosophy professor, Matthew. What starts out as a friendship quickly blossoms into something more. Sophie is left grappling with her guilt for feeling unfaithful to Daniel’s memory and her growing desire for this new, enigmatic man in her life.