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Ebook Details
  • 01/2014
  • ISBN-13: 978-1480279100
  • 427 pages
  • $9.99
Dean Klein
Hell's Shadows ISBN-13: 978-1480279100
Dean Klein, author


Think you've read just about every type of haunted house story out there? Uh uh. Hell's Shadows is a wild tale of two people whose deep love for each other is severely tested by a house and the unfathomable creatures within it. And outside it. Gil and Robin Turner reside in the most haunted house of all time, a house so dangerous that nearly an entire police force is wiped out by its hellish inhabitants. And soon the Turners come to realize that even the house itself is evil...deadly...alive. Yet despite the tense, spine-tingling all the way to deathly occurrences that plague them, Robin is unknowingly bound to the house by something undead while Gil refuses to be driven out by the horrid spirits that were there first. And it all started with a curse placed on a town as cast by a long-dead parson that came horribly true.

An utterly entertaining, immensely spooky and extraordinarily rich tale, Hell's Shadows will seriously jangle your nerves even as a husband's and wife's love for each other bonds you to them. But it is the hugely out-of-the-box storyline that takes the haunted house genre to an entirely new level of sophistication. So if you're game for a ghost story -- or is it? -- that will touch you and also creep you out, Hell's Shadows is for you..

Hell's Shadows was inspired by the great and classic film, Poltergeist. Here, however, every character, every relationship, every place, thing and supernatural occurrence has been vastly increased in intensity. In the author's biased opinion, Hell's Shadows blows Poltergeist out of the water.


Editorial Review I


SF Site is a leading review site largely for books in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Established in 1996, it includes contributors from around the world.

  • Hell's Shadows is a page turner.
  • Think about the Amityville house and times it by a hundred for ghostly and terrifying impact
  • The haunting has a realistic feel to it
  • Gets you to hide under the duvet at certain moments!
  • Also please note the reviewer compared parts of Hell's Shadows to Stephen King's best-sellers, Pet Cemetery and Christine.  
Editorial Review II


Hell Horror is a major horror movie, horror trailer and horror book review site established in 2002. Its monthly internet traffic exceeds 400,000.

  • A phenomenal supernatural thriller
  • Unique
  • Incredibly detailed scary story
  • Captivating from the very first page to the very last
  • Beautiful expressive writing
  • Nonstop action, scares, twists, suspense and frightening moments
  • Upredictable
  • One of those books you want to keep reading and reading without sleeping 
  • Hell Horror rating: 4.5 of 5.0 stars (one of the highest ratings ever awarded to books by this website)
Editorial Review III


Readers Favorite is a major book review website owned by authors for authors

  • Without a doubt, this is the most terrifying story I have ever read!
  • More than just a ‘haunted house’, the property known as Parsons Knoll is the site of horrific death and lingering spiritual despair involving forces that have not been encountered in many thousands of years.
  • Hell’s Shadows is the perfect title because only hell itself can be the source of the mysterious happenings that keep you turning the pages, anxious to see what more can be discovered.
  • Thoroughly riveting
  • Turning out the lights is not an option
  • A waking nightmare
  • Characters that are incredibly real
  • A foe that challenges everyone’s grip on reality.
  • Readers Favorite Rating:  5.0 of 5.0 stars
Editorial Review IV


Horror Palace. A major horror movie and book review site

  • A talented writer with many creative ideas
  • Will leave readers bound 'til the end
  • A combination of sophistication and simplicity that speaks to a great audience
  • New life to an old concept
  • Klein has tapped into an area of horror rarely explored
  • Easy to see why this book has received critical acclaim and five star reviews
Ebook Details
  • 01/2014
  • ISBN-13: 978-1480279100
  • 427 pages
  • $9.99