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Tracy Johnson
Author, Illustrator
How To Feed Your Ninjas
Tracy J, author

Jo Jo and Nadine are Ninja Wellness Warriors who lead an army of many warriors. These Ninjas need to be fed good choice foods and exercised often so they will be active and able to do their job. Children are captivated by the characters and are inspired to learn how they can keep these little armies alert and active.

How To Feed Your Ninjas

What it is: “How To Feed Your Ninjas” is a book that teaches children self-care through nutrition and exercise. The Ninja Wellness Warriors captivate children and encourage them to take care of their warriors, the book’s term for the human body’s immune system. We are seeking individuals and companies to sponsor and donate books to child-focused nonprofits to be used as tools in their self-care empowerment programs. Parents of small children who wish to purchase the e-book will receive a 25% discount off the hardcover book

Providing a Boost...Tracy J (CO)

She's created a book that inspires youth to 'Feed their Ninjas' aka their immune system.  It's part of a larger effort to create a solid foundation of healthy habits.