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Rosemary Watson Frith
Author, Illustrator
Hummingbird Wisdom for Kids: Enlightening Hearts of All Ages
The story inspires love of nature and begins with Joyful, a spirited hummingbird, who plants seeds of wisdom wherever she goes. She’s happy to empower garden friends with creativity and insight to build courage and overcome dark hostile creatures. As in nature, where there is calm after the storm, we too can turn to inner stillness to the find the clearest means to rise above it all. Her father, Kindheart, demonstrates how to raise energy vibrations and increase intelligence to easily transform conflicts into peace, and anger into love. Mother Nature reveals how a creepy crawler morphs into a dazzling butterfly. As friends join forces with mother nature’s one source, they all become wise and love keeps on blossoming wherever they go. Here’s a sprinkle of hummingbird wisdom: “Even tiny hearts can feel love that is as big as the ocean.” “Turning trouble into peace can brighten your life.” “Metamorphosis is the way to the sweetest freedom.”