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Hyperion's Fracture
Thomas Kelso, author
Tragedy strikes America’s darling three-year-old Thoroughbred, Hyperion, when he’s injured in a Kentucky Derby qualifying race. Drs. Mark Thurman and Claire Hodgson are asked to treat his broken limb using their revolutionary fracture-healing methods, but when other experimental subjects begin developing life-threatening complications, the rescue project halts. Then a serendipitous discovery suggests a miraculous new drug made from a rare plant source may cure the problems. Claire travels to a remote jungle laboratory where she meets with Meera Jindal, the woman who made the breakthrough. When the formula is stolen and the two scientists vanish, Mark calls on his friend, John Bristow, who assembles an elite team of ex–Special Forces operators that race to pick up their trail. A rogue pharmaceutical CEO and a cartel drug lord aim to stop them and make sure Hyperion never races again.