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Jennifer Aldoretta
Author, Illustrator
I love my brain!
We could all use a little more self-love and empathy — and let’s make it FUN! “I love my brain!” is the first in a series of chuckle-causing, giggle-getting, tongue-twisting nursery rhymers teaching children about compassion, inclusion, and self-love. “There’s so much inside it, and I can’t deny it. My brain is so helpful and wise, I can’t hide it!” Not only is “I love my brain!” a blast to read (parents are sure to love it as much as your kids), but it also lovingly features children with down syndrome, children with physical anomalies, children of varying races, and children who are gender-nonconforming. Many of the children in the book are children that the author/illustrator knows and loves (other books in the series will also feature real children) — showing ALL children that they are worthy of being in their very own book! “I love my brain!” will leave your child grinning from ear to ear and feeling love for exactly how they were made!
Amazon Customer

I bought this as a gift for my 4yo nephew. We have read it together several times. He loves it!! I love the diverse representation. The "love my brain" theme also opened up a great discussion about our minds and how they help our bodies not only *do* things, but *feel* things. Recommended!


Such a fun, encouraging book with an amazing message. Love that the book is very inclusive & diverse! My little ones loved reading it.

Rainbow 83

This book is a great way to help kids recognize & express their emotions in an intentional & healthy way.


I read this to my daughters (8 and 10) and they LOVED IT. As a School Counselor , I appreciate the use of a brain to manage strong emotions being taught to children. My girls, loves the rhymes and pictures and so did I! What a fun book to read. This author is talented!