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Summer 1945 and Bill Wilson returns reluctantly to a dirty and damaged London.  Weighed down with sadness about leaving his loving evacuation family, Bill's emotions are confused with the thrill and shock of having Uncle Ted back from the war, safe but strangely different.  Worse, Kenneth is about to move in to Bill's Wandsworth home. The adolescent cousins now develop their different talents. Tensions mount, for Kenneth seems determined to encroach on every aspect of Bill's psychological territory. Bill tries to keep his icon, the Cossack sabre, safe from Kenneth's invasive reach. Aunty's romance with her G.I., that Bill had brought about, now blossoms, to Kenneth's outrage. He muscles in on Bill's relationships. Some kind of emotional explosion is inevitable. The outcome for everyone is traumatic and life-changing. Can Bill resolve matters in the chivalrous manner he's studied?