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Paige Davidson
Intermittent Fasting Success Story
Author Paige Davidson recounts her lifelong struggle with obesity then morbid obesity, yo-yo dieting and trying every possible diet, shake and pill, and even failed weight loss surgery. She discovered intermittent fasting, left dieting behind forever, and eventually lost 110 pounds, cured several obesity-related conditions, and regained her physical, emotional and mental health. Paige shares with readers how to begin their own intermittent fasting practice, and how to navigate the mental roadblocks that keep us from lasting weight loss success.
Davidson offers straightforward direction on intermittent fasting (IF) in this easy-to-read solo debut. Drawing from her personal experiences, and with the caveat to seek out medical advice before starting any new health plan, Davidson shares the reasons diets don’t work and why intermittent fasting—switching between a period of eating and a period of not eating—may be the answer to a slew of health problems. For readers new to the concept, she breaks down the different types of IF and covers its many benefits, while longtime IF fans will find plenty of new material to digest, including overcoming weight plateaus, how to conquer bad habits, and more.

Davidson tackles a sometimes-controversial topic with grace, offering upbeat motivation from her personal battles with weight loss while encouraging readers to be honest with themselves and set realistic goals. She avoids one-size-fits-all thinking when exploring the variety of IF plans available and breaks down common IF eating patterns, including the well-known 16/8 plan (fasting for 16 hours straight while consuming all calories in the remaining 8 hours of the day), continually emphasizing that readers must individualize IF plans to best fit their goals. Those goals can be lofty, according to Davidson, who proposes a multitude of health benefits from the IF lifestyle, including effective weight management, improved blood sugar, and decreased stroke risk.

For readers who are interested in the science behind IF, Davidson touches on its biological processes, such as the connection between our body’s ketones and stored fat and the reasons intermittent fasting can clear up “brain fog.” Most inspiring is her transparency and desire to motivate others to “live a long, healthy life” free of bad habits and self-limiting beliefs. Readers looking for a new way to tackle healthy eating will find plenty of inspiration here.

Takeaway: A clear-cut guide covering the basics of intermittent fasting.

Great for fans of: Gin Stephens’s Fast. Feast. Repeat.; Joelle Coy’s Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 50.

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Cover: B
Design and typography: A
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Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A