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Ronald Gordon
Jane's Dust: A Tale of Talc Deceit and Death
This book is a story about a woman who used Cosmetic Talcum Powder a lot for many years and then developed ovarian cancer. After recovering then developed a mesothelioma and ultimately died. This woman represents over 300 cases the author has directly worked on in his work at the Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC. In the book not only does he write about Jane's medical issues but how the large Cosmetic Companies deceived the population of the work to believing that Cosmetic Talcum Powder and talc used in makeup was 100% safe. The talc is contaminated with asbestos which has been shown to cause ovarian cancer, mesotheliomas, lung cancer and lung fibrosis (asbestosis) or the talc alone causing talcosis. The book was written so that the general public, both men and women that have extensively used the talcum powder be monitored medically.