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Denis Bourg
Le Chef is seriously pissed off
Denis Bourg, author


Those of you who might be expecting these pages to contain yet another famous batch of recipes à la Tante Marie, are advised to look a bit closer.
This odyssey traverses just over 39 & 1/2 years; also 41 kitchens, eight countries, four islands; concocting an astronomical amount of gastronomic tricolore grub along the way, for the voracious, famished millions - usually unknown and unseen, and variously referred to as customers, guzzlers and professional ball-breakers. That’s between 85 and 104 h /week in those f*****g kitchens.
Cooking school @16, Head Chef at 18, then hello Cuisines de m*rde: French restaurants in Cannes, Brittany, Provence, Switzerland, French & Dutch Caribbean, Cape Cod, Washington DC, London, Paris. Thank god for those yummy girls, the chef’s favourite dish.
(2nd book under construction: 25 years as Personal Chef to Saudi Prince, Mick Jagger, obscenely wealthy businessmen, Lords & Ladies, etc.)


5.0 out of 5 stars A rarity. An autobiography written from the heart By bookish on 9 Jan. 2014 Format: Kindle Edition.I was given this book as a present for Xmas. Couldn't put it down. This is by a guy i don't know but his style is fantastic. Fresh ,blunt ,sparky and funnnnnnny. You will laugh and laugh. Want a description of the book? Try same sh.t ,different location or kitchen de merde.Get this book!

My kitchens 1970-1981.

©∂enisßourg.2009      le chef is seriously pissed off

L’Orée du Bois. Vittel. Vosges. FRANCE
* Restaurant des Négociants: Lamastre. Ardèche. FRANCE
Hôtel-Restaurants Beaulac. Neuchatel. SUISSE
Le Relais Des Sources. Vittel. FRANCE
Chez Frédéric: Saint-Honorat. Cannes. FRANCE
La Grenouille. St Martin.  FRENCH/DUTCH WEST INDIES
Manchebo Beach Hotel. Aruba. DUTCH WEST INDIES
Hotel-Restaurant Continental. Vittel. FRANCE
UFOVAL Vosges. Le Haut du Tôt. FRANCE
UFOVAL Bretagne. Kergaher. FRANCE
La Grenouille. Saint Martin. WEST INDIES
New Seabury Country Club. Mashpee. Mass. USA
Alexandra’s Inn Restaurant. Cape Cod. Mass. USA
Café Sorbet Restaurant. Washington DC. USA
Chez Jean-Pierre: 1*Michelin. Washington DC. USA
Bagatelle. Kings Road. Londres. UK
Le Cellier du Midi. Hampstead. Londres. UK