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Hardcover Details
  • 01/2015
  • 978-0-9908817-0-4
  • 256 pages
  • $30
Living Luxe Gluten Free
Michelle Lee, author

Adult; Food & Cooking; (Market)

Living Luxe Gluten Free features more than 110 new gluten free and lactose free recipes designed to make your gluten free life deliciously luxurious. Dishes are engineered for flavor, health, and simplicity.


  • Over 110 new Gluten Free and Lactose Free recipes
  • Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian and Low Sodium recipes
  • Hardcover cookbook, full color, over 120 photos, 256 pages, includes index
  • Full nutrition information
  • Product recommendations
  • Drink pairings
  • Tips and tricks for tasty and healthy Luxe Living
  • Published by Salut Studio
Lee's nicely photographed cookbook offers readers a colorful array of recipes that are designed to meet food sensitivities and dietary preferences without sacrificing flavor. The adventurous recipes include buffalo sprouts and marrowbones. Lee also helpfully provides beer and wine pairings for nearly every recipe, nutritional information, and good guidance on the level of effort involved in each recipe, though readers will probably find that subjective. She includes tips from breakfast to dessert and even cocktails. Along with the recipes, she provides guidelines for shopping for quality ingredients and minimizing the use of preservatives and other artificial ingredients. She also provides her favorite gluten-free and lactose-free recommended products, useful to readers who are new to following this kind of diet. (BookLife)
Active Gear Review

"May it be fueling with a pasta meal for the following day's long run, or a scrumptious dessert to top it all off, Living Luxe Gluten Free provides great options with easy to find ingredients and simple instructions. If you happen to have certain food restrictions or sensitivities, this is a wonderful book to provide tasty and healthy meals. What was great about this cookbook is that it provided enjoyment in preparation. I didn’t have to search for exotic ingredients with long shopping lists. Most of the items were in my cupboard or fridge, and very easy to prepare..."

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Amazon Customer Reviews

"Simply The Best! So nice to discover a cookbook with sophistication combined with health minded common sense. The ideas here have renewed my enthusiasum for cooking again! The author's research and discovery of new GL free products are priceless. I have tried a few and they are fabulous alternatives. The photos are so vivid I can almost smell the finished dish! I'll be sharing this book as gifts for my friends who are also on the same quest for a healthy diet and lifestyle."

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Celebrate Gluten-Free Magazine

"Author Michelle Lee instantly connects with her reader through impressive food photography.... this cookbook surely has something for every appetite.... What makes Living Luxe unique? It adds the healthy and alternative spin to comfort meals without creating extra work."

Connect Gluten Free

"Living Luxe Gluten Free by Michelle Lee is probably one of the most visually stunning cookbooks I have EVER seen.  I am not saying “for gluten free”… No, I mean EVER.  The book is just simply beautiful!!  The rich luscious feel of the cover and the high quality beautiful paper used inside the book are just amazing!!  I really feel that Michelle has raised the bar on gluten free cookbooks and all other cookbooks with this incredibly gorgeous book.  The photos are wonderful and the colors are eye catching.

The meals were tasty and I felt good knowing that they were such healthy recipes.  Plus, there is a nice variety of recipes; whether you are looking for cocktails and appetizers to healthy family comfort food types of recipes...."

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DC Metro Celiac Organization

"For those searching for that balance of healthy, easy meals that are actually enjoyable (that’s all of us, right?), we have a new solution for you. Check out “Living Luxe Gluten Free,” a new recipe book by Michelle Lee. Lee draws on her Manhattan Beach, California roots to produce new, innovative recipes, which are free of gluten and lactose, but still full of flavor."

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Eat Without Gluten

"When I looked through the Living Luxe Gluten Free Cookbook this afternoon, what really drew my attention was the pictures. Honestly, gluten-free has never looked better :). [The] chocolate chip oatmeal bars are easy to make as well as delicious to eat! Michelle has done a wonderful job in the layout of the book and on her choices of recipes."

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Gluten Free Mike

"... the book itself is stunning – beautifully produced with each recipe accompanied by a full-page perfectly styled image.  While the book is visually appealing, that is just the beginning as the layout of the book is perfectly functional ... truly diverse cookbook that offers a taste of some of the couples travels in addition to their takes on some classic dishes through a fresh lens..... 

The recipes themselves are laid-out to be completely foolproof..... 

The simplicity of the recipes makes them feel like something anyone could take on and be successful in replicating.  They also prove that the use of a few simple and real ingredients can be transformed into something truly quite special.... something in here for everyone and every taste and quite frankly the recipes just feel luxurious without being pretentious or unattainable.  These are luxury bites for everyman (or woman)."

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Mary Lee Kitchen

"The cover is beautiful. The photos inside, mesmerizing. I was so excited to get into the kitchen and try one of the recipes.

The cookbook is written in a way that is easy to understand, helpful hints, and even a gluten free, lactose free safe list for Trader Joe’s."  

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Recipe Renovator

"Living Luxe Gluten Free is a bright, beautiful addition to any gluten-free cookbook shelf. Every recipe features a full-color, full-page photograph by the author, offering insight to the enticing finished recipes. This helps readers know what to expect the dish to look like in their kitchens.I loved the icons indicating special diet needs. Great assortment of recipes. Nutritional analysis is provided, which is so helpful for low-sodium eaters. Recommended for: paleo, vegans, vegetarians, celiacs, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-sodium diets."

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The Midwest Book Review

"Tips, tricks, and techniques for the gluten-and-lactose-free gourmet pepper this sumptuous, user-friendly resource, highly recommended for personal and public library cookbook collections."

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Whole Life Times

"It's just not that easy to make something elegant, delicious and gluten- and lactose-free. Unless, of course, you follow Michelle Lee's recipes. Don't make them for what you can't eat, but because you'll want to eat every bite.  As for the text in this cookbook, only a diehard deli diner could resist falling in love."

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'Living Luxe Gluten Free' Book Signing Jan. 8

Pages, located at 904 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, will host a booksigning for “Living Luxe Gluten Free” on Thursday, Jan. 8, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Enjoy complimentary wine while discussing gluten-free and lactose-free cooking...

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Healthy and Tasty Gluten-Free Cuisine Made Easy

Michelle Lee’s “presentation is unique from all other cooks and chefs… [her] design is beautiful and … personal expression is priceless.” – Robin W., Former Food & Beverage Director for Private Country Clubs and 5-Star Hotels

Everyone wants to eat healthier diets. While one key for better nutrition is eliminating gluten and lactose, cutting those ingredients from food often means that dishes lose flavor and texture. Finding balance between healthfulness and taste can be a challenge...

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Living Luxe Gluten Free Author Presents at GFAF Expo

“Stress-Free Gluten-Free: Losing Gluten without Losing Your Mind.” Michelle Lee, cookbook author and gluten-free restaurant reviewer, shares how to live a stress-free gluten-free lifestyle and how you can make your gluten-free life simple, delicious…even luxurious. Join Michelle as she discusses tips for hassle-free gluten-free travel, eating out, socializing, and cooking so that you can “Eat well. Feel great. Live luxe!”

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Local Writer Pens 'Luxurious' Gluten-Free Recipe Book

Being foodies who'd enjoyed dining wherever they traveled internationally, Michelle Lee and her husband were dismayed to learn of his gluten intolerance.

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Meet the Entrepreneur: Michelle Lee, Living Luxe Gluten Free

Michelle has always had a knack for starting new ventures. Before starting Living Luxe Gluten Free, she was helping run a consulting firm that she started with another entrepreneur.

Recently, she has become the author of “Living Luxe Gluten Free,” a cookbook featuring over 110 new gluten-free and lactose-free recipes. Her culinary style reflects her time living in Madrid, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Luxembourg and traveling through Asia.

We were lucky to interview Michelle where she shared with us her experience as an entrepreneur.

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Michelle Lee, Alpha, Publishes Unique Gluten-Free Cookbook

Michelle Lee, Miami (OH) - Alpha, has published a new cookbook which focuses on gluten-free cuisine that is winning rave reviews.

"Living Luxe Gluten Free" is California entrepreneur Michelle Lee's answer to gluten-free dishes which lack flavor and texture. Michelle developed tempting and nutritious gluten-free, lactose-free recipes for her new book.

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Hardcover Details
  • 01/2015
  • 978-0-9908817-0-4
  • 256 pages
  • $30