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Me-time Tales
Second, expanded edition. Women of all ages are exposed in this collection of witty short stories with a dark edge: Marian faces middle age with attitude and support knickers; sixteen-year-old Jess's date with good legs; Peggy fights for her first bra; post-war Elfreda frees herself at a First Feast. Discover Elaine’s encounter with a moral dilemma, a neurotic narrator’s self-enhancing theft, Pru’s ingestion, Daryl’s piscatorial impregnation and an unnamed beauty’s transmogrification. There's a loving mattress, a mangy dog and a prosthesis, plus a lady who cannot admit to her name, let alone her age. "QUIRKY AND INTRIGUING" - KATIE FFORDE.

5.0 out of 5 starsLively, skillfully written tales about women and adjustment

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Me-Tales is a delight. I could envision its women characters, some tongue -in cheek at the surface while underneath, these protagonists retain and sift life's details. The tales presented are balanced with working and career women, women concerned with fertility and motherhood, women that struggle with men. Most exhibit the ability to adjust, to survive. Each story is written with edge, usually humorous, most with realizations that are arrived at through colorful particulars.

My favorites: The first tale of a business woman forming a relationship in a park with a man and his dog. Then the schoolgirl buying her first bras at Selfridge's, not knowing about her connection to an American relative. A wife that hates the smell of fish confronting her pregnancy and her husband's preferences at the fish market. A woman given everything from an adoring, affluent husband, and how that wears off.

I enjoyed these tales for the piquant writing, the skill in setting and character that heightened and made the tales real. They were stories with believable issues, much enhanced by the lively style and perspective that gave strong reading moments.