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Judy McCluney
Phoenix Revived
When teens Sami and Robby become friends in eleventh grade they discover problems in each of their families that could destroy their future goals. Sami’s mother criticizes her college plans, and Robby’s father excessively restricts him from practicing guitar and performing as a singer-songwriter. They’re also threatened by a bigoted, clever bully in their school, health problems from air pollution in their South Phoenix community, and their own uncertainties about themselves. This is the story of their struggles, and of how they held on to their identities, to each other, and to the people and activities they loved.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book for teens

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 24, 2022

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I put on my "teen glasses" to read this book, and they worked fine. Phoenix Revived touches on a good collection of issues affecting today's young (and older), telling the story through high school eyes, effectively addressing them by showing how each kid was emotionally affected by today's problems and their possible solutions. Each major character in the book (kids and their parents), in seeking solutions, evolved in a totally believable way. Bullying, local pollution, the challenges and rewards of farming, seeking non-farming careers, and the creation of music. Concerning music, the author serves up lyrics to a few songs penned by one of the boys, and kudos to the author's skill at songwriting! The only complaint I have is that the bully of the story, Mort, isn't fleshed out as well as the other characters; he isn't as believable. But that is the only minus in a finely crafted young adult book.

Readers' Favorite

Also, I’m excited to announce that Phoenix Revived has earned a 5-star review by the prestigious group, Reader’s Favorite!! See the review below

Reviewed by Jon Michael Miller for Readers’ Favorite In Phoenix Revived by Judy McCluney, classified as young adult reading, we meet a group of teens and parents living in South Phoenix where they must fight prejudice as regards immigration, and the environment as regards oil refineries. These are the big issues that add to the normal challenges of growing up. The protagonist is Sami, who has just moved to the area due to her dad having been transferred there in the Air Force. Sami is a breath of fresh air wherever she goes. She makes friends quickly, is full of energy, and cares about others. She is worried about her future because her parents will not be able to afford her college goal to become a veterinarian. She meets Robby on her first day at her new school, and they become an instant couple, together making a positive force as they fight some strong battles in their spheres.

“As an adult reading a young adult novel and as a lifelong teacher, Phoenix Revived is precisely the kind of book I wish youngsters were reading these days instead of books about monsters and dragons. The problems Sami, Robby, and their several friends must face are real ones—career blocks, discrimination, air pollution—yet these kids face them like young knights in shining armor. One of my favorite parts of this book is the song lyrics that pop up throughout. You see, Robbie (Sami’s other half) is an aspiring musician who faces some serious battles to reach his goal. I will buy this book for my grandkids, hoping they will adopt the enduring values of Sami, Robbie, and their compatriots at Kalima High. Phoenix Revived by Judy McCluney is exactly what young readers need these days