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Ryu Takeshi
Shadow Shinjuku
Ryu Takeshi, author
Shadow Shinjuku is a dark and emotional tale exploring themes of love and family through the eyes of misfits and outcasts living in the shadows of Tokyo. The novel follows Sato, a quiet and reclusive member of a crime organization. He is loyal to his boss, who took him in as a homeless, orphaned child, and he only feels comfortable at night, in the dark streets and mysterious bars of Tokyo. But all that changes when he befriends a weird, funny salaryman named Kon, and becomes the personal bodyguard to boss Yamaguchi’s only daughter, Ren, who has the power to remove people’s thoughts and send them back to the „Sea of Thought”. Through their newly found bonds, Sato, Kon and Ren begin to question their lives and past decisions, and they embark on a dark and emotional journey in search of meaning, love and family, which takes them to the deepest hell of the Tokyo underworld, the sacred mountains of northern Japan, and a mystical dimension on the edges of the human realm. Shadow Shinjuku is a crime thriller with a touch of urban fantasy, comparable to Chuck Wendig's Blackbirds.