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Kimberly Quay
Summer Cursed
My worst enemy turns out to be my fated mate… and the only one who can help me. I was born marked by the Curse of Artemis. Even as the daughter of the Summer Alpha, I’m treated no better than an Omega: a rogue, a loner… a loser. Thanks to the Curse, I’ve been a punching bag my entire life. One good thing about being attacked every day is I’ve become a superb fighter. Which comes in handy when someone tries to kidnap me, and I find out they’ve been drugging and abducting shifters from all the packs . Now I’m forced to deal with the Autumn Alpha, because he’s the only one out of all the Season Shifters with the knowledge to help me find the person behind the abductions—and figure out the truth behind my mark. He’s keeping secrets about who he is, but my wolf is drawn to him. Even without her crush on him, the sexy-as-hell Alpha is seriously hard to resist. The closer we get to solving the mystery of the missing shifters, the more dangerous things get. Soon, my attraction to the man I hate most will be the least of my worries.