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The Assassin's Protege
Ainsley Jarred is accomplished--a former naval aviator with a PhD in aerospace engineering. She has competed with men her entire life, always pushing the envelope to be better than her male counterparts. However, she has been emotionally hurt and left with serious trust issues. Unbeknownst to Ainsley, a secret microchip is planted on her. Ainsley is no match for the team of assassins sent to retrieve the chip containing world-altering science. Dick Jordan, ex-CIA and an elite assassin himself, is also looking for the microchip. When the assassins mistakenly target her sister, Ainsley asks Jordan to train her. However, she is unprepared for the brutality she will experience at his hands. Ultimately, well, if Jack Reacher, Jack Ryan, or John Wick had a sister, it would be Ainsley Jarred.