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Claudine Cassar
The Battle for Sicily's Soul
This book looks at how Cosa Nostra manipulated Sicilian society and the Catholic Church for decades, disappearing into the background while hiding in plain sight. The roots of the Mafia in the island’s religious superstition, bigotry and legends were so strong that it took over one hundred years and a massacre for the vows of secrecy to be broken, revealing the true face of the Sicilian Mafia.
Professor Andrew Azzopardi - Dean, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of M

"The book traces the complex relationship between Cosa Nostra and the people of Sicily, mapping a complex dynamic that brings to the fore the corrupt and the vulnerable, the politician and the peasant, and through these contrasts sheds light on the reality as experienced by Sicilians, who over the centuries endured much hardship and injustice. This is a book that reminds us of how terrible humanity becomes when it turns on itself and when greed and an economy of individuality take over ethics and morality. A tale of endless pain. A must read."

Professor Arnold Cassola - Maltese and Comparative Literature, University of Mal

"A book that not only delves into the socio-religious-historical events which shaped life in Sicily but also goes on to elaborate on how the Catholic rituals, symbols and linguistic register played an important part in the legitimisation of the Cosa Nostra organization in the eyes of the local population."

Professor Paul Sant Cassia - Department of Anthropological Sciences, University

"A brave and very useful attempt to provide the general reader and scholars of the Mafia with a broad and synoptic treatment of the Mafia's evolution in Sicily. Highly recommended."